This is what a few of the advertisers have had to say about advertising in my magazines over the years:

“Dear Laura, Advertising in your magazine has been very useful as I have had a lot of work from it.”

– Caroline Mee, Painter & Decorator

“Dear Laura, I have been delighted with the response I’ve received to my adverts and it certainly pays for itself month after month.  Your magazines are the only place we advertise so I know anything that doesn’t come in via word-of-mouth has come from your magazines!”

– David Button, Allseasons Landscaping LLP

“I thought I would drop you a quick email firstly to let you know (and thank you), what a great hit it has been having my advert in the Edenbridge Directory.  Therefore, I wondered if you could let me know how much it would be to advertise for a further year.”

– Sarah Lewzey, The Foot Works

“I will be renewing – just to let you know I have had three job’s this issue!”

– Tony McCormack, TM Tiling

“The Edenbridge Directory is the only advertising that works for me.”

– Richard Williams, Blackdog Microsystems Ltd

“The Edenbridge Directory works really well for my business, I don’t just get lots of calls when the magazine goes out but as people keep hold of their copies I get enquiries at any time.”

– Keith Steptoe, Eden Plumbing

“Just to say thank you to the Edenbridge Directory, great magazine and I’m getting lots of work from it – keep up the good work”

– James Kemp, Well Kempt Gardens

“The directory definitely pays off for me, as we have a nice steady trickle of work coming through from it, and of course it’s all local- my kind of commute!!!”

– Jonathan Holbrook, Arbormedic

“Laura created a fantastic looking advert for the Edenbridge & Crowborough Directories.  The directories have generated an amazing amount of work for our business and strongly advise any business to advertise in them.  Pound for pound I would say that this is the cheapest and one of the best advertising that we do.”

– Andy Larmar, AA Larmar Plumbing & Heating

“Laura brought a breath of fresh air to our town.  Exceptionally motivated, she is creative, thoughtful and a great person to know, always helpful and positive.

The buoyant business she has built from scratch is evidence of her energy and success. The directories she produces are great value and responsive for me – from my ads I have gained many new clients and enquiries.  Plus I receive the Edenbridge Directory and use them at home – a brilliant package!”

– Sarah Medway, Graphic/Web Design (Advertiser since November 2005)

“What a difference it makes when someone really is passionate about a community and a community magazine, so much more than just a directory! Laura brings a community together and makes it a better place, no wonder both magazines are so well supported by businesses and social groups alike. An example for others to learn from.  Highly recommended.”

– Nigel Whittaker, PURE B2B Mastermind Boards

“Dear Laura, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased and happy I am with the response we have had since I started advertising with you.”

– Emma Forage, Eden Beauty Therapy

“I must congratulate you on these excellent publications and the extensive distribution you have achieved. “

– John Ashelford, Chief Executive – Hospice in the Weald

“Dear Laura, The advert is excellent value as just one lesson immediately covers the cost.”

– Graham Crabb, Automatic Driving Lessons