If, like me, you’re tired of pencilling your eyebrows in everyday then Claire Portman PMU may be just what you’re looking for.  Her clients include busy mums and busy business professionals (or both) who have limited time to spend applying makeup, or their brow hair has diminished due to over plucking or ageing.

Permanent makeup can enhance the face or help replace youthful definition in the brow area.  Using specialised techniques, it is possible to create a range of eyebrow styles suited to skin type, natural hair growth and your expectations.

Prior to learning the techniques of permanent makeup, Claire has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for 20 years as a professional freelance makeup artist, working with celebrities and on fashion shoots.  She continues to provide wedding makeup services to bridal parties in preparation for their special occasions.

During your initial consultation, Claire will discuss the options with you and tailor individual eyebrow enhancements that will look natural and create a flattering overall appearance, giving greater definition to your features and face shape.

The method Claire uses is called micro-pigmentation which is an advanced form of tattooing, although far gentler and less invasive than normal tattooing.  She will apply an anaesthetic cream to the treatment area to reduce any discomfort.

Prior to treatment, a 24-hour patch test is required to be carried out by the client to ensure they have no reactions to the pigment or anaesthetic used in the process.  

Once completed, you are ready to enter Claire’s beautiful studio, located at the edge of town where she will put you completely at ease.  Claire will begin with drawing the brows using her precise measuring tools so you are able to see and agree on the shape she will create before she beings the process of making these a more permanent feature on your face.

The treatment takes around 2-3 hours although it doesn’t feel that long as Claire has a lovely manner, making sure you feel completely at ease throughout the process.

Before picture and Day 3 following treatment

After treatment there will be some swelling and redness in the brow area so it is not the type of treatment you would have done immediately prior to attending an event.  Initially, the area will look darker than the colour will actually be once healed but over the following 5-7 days the treated area will get lighter and reduce in size by 30-50% so the true colour of the pigment will then become visible.  

Claire will then send you home with after-care instructions and some ointment to apply daily while the area is healing and if you have any questions in the meantime, just give her a call.  A follow-up appointment will be required 4-12 weeks after the first treatment so Claire can go over any areas that may require touching up.  

After my treatment I got home and dug out some picture of me from my youth – I was amazed at how similar my brows were looking again before I started plucking and shaping them to keep in line with fashion.

Over the next couple of weeks, my brows will heal and fade leaving softly pixelated shading behind my natural brow hair.

To find out more, contact Claire on 07818 216410, email claire_portman@hotmail.com or visit her website  claireportmanpmu.co.uk.