So much more than handing out food!

For more than a year now, Edenbridge Foodbank has been open on Tuesday mornings at Rickards Hall on the High Street in Edenbridge. Each week a willing and dedicated team of volunteers are there to welcome people who have been referred to the foodbank through various agencies and organisations. 

The foodbank is part of the nationwide Trussell Trust network.  It is supported by all the churches of the Edenbridge Churches in Covenant and many other organisations in and around Edenbridge, e.g. local charities, Edenbridge Town Council, local schools, WI groups.  Of course, we are always so grateful for all the food donations that members of the public make either individually or as groups. Its great to have such wide-ranging community support.

Individuals and families from all sorts of situations are welcome to seek the help of the foodbank.  People can need help for many different reasons including financial problems, or difficulties with benefits, health issues, family relationship difficulties, unemployment or other unexpected life challenges. 

Whatever the reason, our foodbank clients will receive a warm hospitable welcome with free refreshments, a chance to sit and chat as well as the basic supply of non-perishable food to take away. In addition, we usually have trays of speciality items to pick and choose from and most weeks have a supply of bread, pastries and other fresh food donated on the day.

What is important is that there is always an opportunity to talk with someone about the underlying challenges being faced.  We can signpost people to a range of support agencies, and we usually have onsite advisors present, which include Citizens Advice, Crosslight (debt and financial advice), Social Prescribers (non-medical support) and Green Doctors (advice on energy bills).

If you think you, yourself, needs the help of the foodbank please don’t hesitate to get in touch or indeed, if you know someone who might need help, please offer your assistance in helping them to get in touch with us. 

We can be contacted on the foodbank mobile 07756 238063 or email