Kewell Converters Ltd (KCL), based on Station Road in Edenbridge, is the UK’s leading specialist foam fabricator and foam converter for batch production parts, providing bespoke, quality, UK manufactured foam for a huge variety of applications.  

Kewell Converters started in grandfathers garage in 1971 and soon after moved to a house in Wallington which was converted to a small factory to manufacture cord.

In 1974 KCL moved to Croydon and manufacturing increased with the introduction of tubing and gaskets, die cutting, vacuum forming products.

As manufacturing increased, so did the products and in 1980 the company moved again to a hi-tech plant in Redhill.  

In 2010 KCL moved to their premises on Station Road and continue to provide their products all over the world and to all types of industries.

In 2020, following the outbreak of COVID-19, KCL began the production of medical products to the NHS and other healthcare companies such as face masks and shields, gaskets and seals for ventilators and other crucial equipment.  

In normal times KCL work with all industries including: Automotive/Engineering, Aerospace/Aviation, Defence, Construction, Sports/Leisure, Satellites/Electronics, Marine and Museum/Exhibitions. 

Their professional solutions have a variety of applications such as creating displays, allowing for safe transport of equipment or safety of application for customers.

KCL is now run by brothers Nick and Marcos Kewell who currently have 30 employees, the majority of these coming from the local area.  To celebrate their 50th anniversary, a big party was held in the summer for their employees and families.

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