Whether you are a landlord, tenant or homeowner, we are all linked to property in some way or other.  In most cases, things run smoothly and everything is fine.  But what if things go wrong?  Who would you turn to? 

Richard Anderton Property Consultant is a specialist when it comes to all matters property related.  Having originally trained as a lawyer but deciding later on that he wanted to run his own business, he built his own multi-office property agency, Anderton and Son with offices in Croydon, Cheam, Beckenham, Purley and South London.

Having taken an early retirement, Richard now knows that he is not one for being idle and has now come back, utilising all the knowledge he has used in his past careers and specialising as a property consultant covering all areas relating to property including:

  • Legal and boundary disputes
  • Over or under valued building insurance (Many people insure their homes at market value which increases their premium but gives no additional claim value.  If under insured the insurance company will reduce the claim proportionately).
  • Tenancy problems (eg. rent arrears)
  • Landlord difficulties (eg. failing to carry out repairs)
  • Issues with a management company or freeholder if a long leaseholder
  • A director of a management company looking after a block of flats having a dispute with a long lessee

You can find the full list of services on the website or just give Richard a call if you are unsure.

Quite often, anyone experiencing any issues associated with property will think of going to a solicitor or surveyor for advice, aware that the service can come at a very steep price, often £100s an hour.  This can often put people off seeking professional help at a time when they need it most.

Richard Anderton

This is where the service Richard offers can be of great help and save you money as he comes at a fraction of the cost of a typical professionals hourly rate and can very often resolve a dispute before any legal or similar action has to be considered.

If you’re looking for expert advice with a property issue, give Richard a call.  He can give you honest and unbiased advice at realistic and transparent fees.  Your first consultation can be over the phone or by email and is free of charge.  Richard will be able to let you know if he can help and, if not, he will do his best to provide you with an alternative source.

Call: 07919 101 455

Email: richard@richardandertonpc.com | Website: www.richardandertonpc.com

Dwelly Lane, Edenbridge