Even for well established businesses in the local area, this last year has certainly been different in so many ways, especially in the way services are delivered and, in particular, how some of our trades are able to continue to work in people’s homes and offices.  Following a temporary closure at the very start of Lockdown 1.0, it became apparent that the services of Edenbridge Window Systems were still required in order to protect the homes and buildings in the local area and the team soon looked at what they needed to do to be able to continue delivering their services while following government guidelines. 

Edenbridge Window Systems, based at Gabriel’s Farm in Marsh Green, have been in the industry for more than 20 years and their small team of installers have continued to install and replace windows and doors during this pandemic as we all need to make sure our homes are safe, secure and keeping out the elements from our buildings.

Ian and Carol have lived in Edenbridge since the 1960s and have great knowledge of the variety of property types found in the area.  Not only are they local business people but very much involved in the local community and love getting involved at local events, from the Edenbridge Motor Show to performances at the WI Hall.

This family run business pride themselves on their expert knowledge to handle the design, manufacture and installation of your replacement windows and doors.  As you would imagine with any well established company, they have built up great relationships with many of the top industry suppliers to be able to deliver you great quality at great value.

With so many glazing solutions available, it can be a minefield to know what is the best solution for your requirements.  The team will guide you through all the possibilities for your requirements so you can choose the most practical, aesthetically pleasing solution for your needs.  It may be a simple like-for-like replacement or something completely different.  Your old windows and doors are then sent off for recycling into new windows, doors, car bumpers, TV surrounds and more!

If you have a cracked or shattered pane but the rest of the window or door surround is in good working condition, they can also help you with simple glass unit replacements.

For more information about the products and services offered by Edenbridge Window Systems, call the team on 01732 866 840, visit edenbridgewindowsystems.co.uk or email enquiries@edenbridgewindowsystems.co.uk

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