Hello, and welcome to Skylark Vets, your local independent friendly vets based in Skinners Lane, Edenbridge.  We run a static clinic as well as having a dedicated van that is converted into a veterinary clinic on the back, allowing us to bring the veterinary clinic to your drive.  Both of our clinics are fully equipped for medical, diagnostic and surgical cases, and manned by our caring staff members.  Our ethos is to provide the highest level of service we can, whilst maintaining a safe, calm and friendly environment for you and your family members.  

We actively treat all manner of creatures!  We routinely treat a range of mammals from dogs and cats to rabbits, gerbils, guinea-pigs, hamsters, and tenrecs.  We have a keen interest in birds and reptiles, and will happily see parrots, budgerigars, macaws, cockatiels, finches, raptors, geckos, tortoises, skinks, snakes, and many other species.  Whether your pet has fur, feathers or scales, it will be most welcome with us.

Did you know that many of the problems seen in human medicine are also seen in our pets?  For example, obesity and lack of exercise can lead to problems such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and a range of soft tissue problems. 

Dental disease is another of the most common problems we see in our pets, including our reptiles.  In most studied species, poor dental health is the strongest link with heart disease.  Regular tooth brushing can make a world of difference, but your pet is still likely to need a hygienist appointment to scale off the plaque from time to time! 

We love our pets as family members, and often move mountains for them, but sometimes we don’t realise that we are failing to provide them with enough entertainment or exercise – it’s usually just not something we’ve thought about. Welfare and enrichment are so important to our pets, particularly as we all go back to work.  They have become used to our constant attention and stimulation, so why not continue it in a different way? 

We are committed to helping to keep your pet fit and healthy and happy to discuss lifestyle changes you can implement to improve your best friend’s physical, mental health and welfare, whatever the species.  

Why not give us a call, or pop by to have a chat?  We look forward to meeting you soon!

The Bungalow – Skinners Lane – Edenbridge – TN8 6LW

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