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Edenbridge residents empty over four tonnes of crisp packets every year. And that’s just the weight of the empty packets! 

Every packet left on the ground is a wildlife hazard. 

Every empty packet you put in the bin in Sevenoaks District is incinerated. 

This is a huge waste when we consider that these plastic packets can be recycled to make useful items. 

Even better, the recycling company, Terracycle, will award points to local charities – so people and the environment can instead be winners! 

Sustainable Edenbridge has a new resolution for 2022 – to collect all these empty packets generated in Edenbridge and send them off to Terracycle.  This local community group would love your help.  An enthusiastic local resident kicked this off two years ago with a box in front of Monkey Puzzle Day nursery on the High Street.  Volunteers from the group have recently taken on the collecting and want to build on the valuable work already done here.

The group’s chairperson says, “Giving up crisps is probably the best thing for the environment but as a nation we love our crisps.  We munch through a flabbergasting 10 billion bags of crisps and other savoury snacks per annum. It would be great if we can join together here in Edenbridge and help reduce the problem this causes locally. Let’s make sure no bag is binned in Edenbridge. It’s a small problem on the environmental scale of things, but there’s no downside to doing this so we will.”

They need your help.  With around 10,000 residents and over 70kg of empty packs per week currently being binned in Edenbridge, this is going to require a small effort from a lot of people in order to grow.

If you can collect some packets or have a small amount of time to help in some other way, please email    You will be sent details of a space saving way of collecting the packets and where to drop them off in Edenbridge.

Every kg collected will generate £1 for a local cause. 

Sustainable Edenbridge has other plans for all ages for 2022.  It is a group of local people helping one another to live in a more sustainable way here in Edenbridge.  Anyone can join and it’s free. 

What’s your sustainable solution for 2022?