As I know you are aware, this has been an exceptional year not just for individuals but also for businesses everywhere.  Even 5 months since the initial lockdown, many businesses are still struggling to operate within government guidelines and operating procedures can change overnight in some industries.

For some this time has provided the inspiration and motivation for coming up with new and innovative ideas and this is why local business owner, Carly Wackett, is launching a new business, to run alongside and compliment her other business, Wedding Day Service, which has been affected like many others in the wedding industry throughout this unprecedented time.

Carly has lived in Edenbridge all her life and many longer-term residents will know of her through the Edenbridge Bonfire Society.  Coming out of a combination of lockdown and organising a birthday party for her brother, she started putting the wheels in motion to launch her new business ‘Age in Lights’.  As more people are holding celebrations at home, this is something that will add that little bit extra to a celebration – 4 foot numbers which light up!  These, accompanied with optional extras, can really add to an event to give it that extra special touch.

It’s one thing to come up with a business idea and quite another to actually set about getting ready for a launch.  The business didn’t happen overnight for Carly but things are now moving at a very fast pace indeed.  There was a lot of initial research to carry out, including how the numbers would work, who would make them, what else would go with the numbers and, looking at her own current stock of event dressings, what would work in conjunction with them.  Her event planning skills have certainly come in handy so she can visualise the bigger picture.

The numbers themselves are 4 foot in height and use traditional fairground cabochon LED lights, white as standard, but can be tailored to any colour theme.

Optional extras include: backdrop drapes in white or black with or without starlights, air filled balloon displays, uplights (can also be used as downlights) and much more!  

Age in Lights

Every event location is discussed and reviewed by Carly either via a site visit or by use of photos.  Carly will come in and do the full installation of numbers and any optional extras that may have been included in the package (taking into consideration current government guidance on social distancing).  Carly also offers ‘on the day coordination’, for parties and celebrations which includes dressing your venue, and overseeing/liaising with suppliers such as caterers, bands and DJ, leaving you to enjoy your special celebration totally stress free. 

To find out more or to book your Age in Lights, call 07434 692468 or visit

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter:  @ageinlights

They even look great during the day!