Gillian Award picAesthetic Therapist Gillian Huntley of award winning appearances is celebrating 30 years in the industry next year and her treatments can really transform the lives of her clients by boosting their confidence through the non-surgical procedures she offers.

As well as specialist treatments such as mole removal, mesotherapy, thread vein/pigmentation removal, skin peels using the Image Skincare range, skin tag removal, Gillian also delivers semi-permanent cosmetic treatments such as eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing, areola reconstruction, receding hairlines and medical tattooing.

Gilian has her own clinic in Chislehurst, but sees many of her local clients at Options Beauty Salon in Edenbridge High Street. All her treatments are carried out to the highest possible standards and as well as the relevant certifications to carry out her business, she has also been recognised for her work at the recent “Kent Health & Beauty Awards” winning the Gold Award for Kent Aesthetic Practitioner. Well done Gillian!

“I’m so pleased and proud to have won the Gold Award, being recognised for the work I do is wonderful and it also shows my clients how seriously I take my business” said Gillian.

Originally training in aesthetic therapy many years ago, Gillian ensures that she keeps her skills, knowledge and awareness of all the latest developments in the industry up to date by regularly attending conferences and continuing with her training to have the latest certifications in her specialist areas.

If you read the last issue of this magazine you may remember that I had my eyebrows turned into “WoW brows” by Gillian, just one of the semi-permanent cosmetic treatments she does. I think Pic-7it’s the most dramatic treatment I have undergone yet since starting these features over a year ago. I even had quite a few readers asking if they could take a closer look at my WoW brows when they say me in the High Street. I was more than happy to oblige as seeing really is believing how good they look. As well as giving my eyes a lift, it’s made it much easier to pluck my eyebrows as I have a template to follow.

Of course while talking about my WoW brows with readers it led to talk about the other treatments I have had done so far so here’s a recap:

Semi-permanent eyeliner treatment My adventures with Gillian began when I had semi-permanent eyeliner tattooed on my top and bottom eyelids. This has been such a time saving treatment as it’s one less thing for me to do in the mornings. It’s also particularly great when my hayfever is bad as my eyes can water as much as they like and I don’t need to worry about smudging!

Semi-permanent tattoos are similiar to permanent tattoos but only last a couple of years. The process is the same but the needles used for Gillian’s tattoo treatments do not reach as deeply under the skin. You can imagine that having your eyelids tattooed it would be very sensitive and you wouldn’t want the colour to go too deep. A very effective numbing cream is always applied to the areas of skin to be treated at the start of the process.

I’ve also undergone mole removal treatments, one from above my eyebrow and one from my eyelid. These were very quick procedures indeed, again, applying the numbing clear mole removalcream before Gillian used her probe to zap the areas clear.

You’ll be relieved to know that Gillian doesn’t just zap at anything and everything you want removed. If she feels there could be cause for concern or is not happy with what she is seeing she will advise you to see a specialist before commencing any treatment.

While many of Gillian’s clients are ladies, she does also have a fair share of men coming into her clinic. One of the most common treatments she does for her male clients is skin tag removal.

Skin Tag removalWhen my husband, Russell, heard of this he was keen to have a go himself as he had a skin tag which was bothering him and wanted it gone. He was impressed with how quick and easy the whole process was and Gillian certainly knows how to put her patients at ease.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with Gillian or book an appointment for WoW Brows or any other treatments she offers, call her on 07711 067 789 or email her at

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