Partnership LogoForward together is the slogan on the Edenbridge Partnership logo, and this has underlined its activity for 10 years now, with the anniversary celebration coming up.

Set up in early 2006, the Partnership brings together organisations of all kinds – agencies and voluntary groups – that work with, in, and for, the community of Edenbridge, and provides co-ordination, mutual support, and the chance to combine resources for projects.

Partners work together to improve the well-being of the town, from the environment and social cohesion, to improving transport links, developing tourism and employment opportunities.

During its first 10 years, the Partnership has seen the High street refurbished, the Eden Valley Festival Fortnight established, continuation of the Community Warden role, Edenbridge Town train station project linked with the Primary School, a Business Start-Up support scheme launched in 2012, and recently new community events such as the Eco Fair and Apple Festival.

Partners in the Edenbridge Partnership successfully submitted a bid to run the KCC commissioned Youth Services now based at the Eden Centre and overseen by West Kent Extra; this includes the HOUSE Project – providing activities and opportunities for young people – including programmes promoting social inclusion and employment prospects.

Moving Forward

The strength of the Edenbridge community is that it is large enough to make a difference but small enough to care. The Partnership is looking to build on the legacy of its first 10 years and engage with all local agencies and residents to help create and develop further initiatives. It has 20 organisations already linked up, with representatives meeting four times a year to share ideas, information, and expertise, and to update on projects’ progress.

The Partnership welcomes the involvement of all interests within Edenbridge and will be looking at ways of improving communication between local organisations, and encouraging more local people to get involved in 2016.

Contact Kathy Staff on 01732 865 368 or

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