Update from the Edenbridge Community Christmas Association

We have seen quite a few posts pop up on social media regarding the Christmas Lights in Edenbridge High Street in 2023. 

Here is a brief update for people who are new our Town:  

Pre 2018 for a few years there were no town Christmas  lights and no Christmas event.  In 2018 a group of volunteers formed a committee (now known as the ECCA) and our lights were kindly donated by the Edenbridge Chamber of Commerce.  We fund raised to repair and commission these lights and held our first ECCA event in the town to help raise money for the upkeep of our old lights and to fund new ones.  We have done this for 5 very successful years and managed to purchase some new lights as well as keep our old lights running, putting on bigger and better events every year. 

In 2023, some of our committee could not be as involved due to other commitments and we lost a few volunteers from the town along the way.  We put out a cry for help with a small response but unfortunately not enough to go ahead with our whole event and all of our lights this year.  However, we did manage to run a successful grotto this year in Ye Olde Crown.  Just to clarify the snowflake/Santa/star lights that were up in the town were put up by the few ECCA volunteers and are powered by some of the shops on the High Street.  

Our tree was kindly donated by local Edenbridge residents, Margaret and David Miller, who planted the tree in their garden about 35 years ago (pictured right).  

The larger gantry lights over the road could not be put up this year as there was a problem with the overhead support wires and we have already started the process to get them checked and upgraded.

We would really love to make 2024 the year to come back with a bang, and whilst we are very much supported by Edenbridge Town Council, it is not down to them to put up the lights or host the event, so we need more volunteers to help us make this happen for our town.  There are lots of things that people can do to help, there is a lot of planning that goes into this and we have roles that can be done as a team at meetings, or from home.   

If you are able to help us in 2024 we are organising a meeting in January which we would love you to attend to discuss ideas.  If you would like to be involved please email info@theecca.co.uk and we can share more details. 

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support as always and from all of the ECCA team we wish you a Happy New Year!

Edenbridge residents Margaret & David Miller with the Christmas tree they donated