Another busy year helping local people

Its not surprising that Edenbridge Foodbank had a very busy year in 2023. The cost-of -living crisis has affected us all and more people than ever have had to turn to foodbanks for help. We have continued to be open every Tuesday morning at Rickards Hall on the High Street in Edenbridge.  Each week a willing and dedicated team of volunteers are there to welcome people who have been referred to the foodbank through various agencies and organisations that we partner with. 

The foodbank is part of the nationwide Trussell Trust network.  It is supported by all the churches in Edenbridge and many other local organisations, e.g. local charities, Edenbridge Town Council, local schools, WI groups. 

Individuals and families from all sorts of situations are welcome to seek the help of the foodbank. People can need help for many different reasons including financial problems, or difficulties with benefits, health issues, family relationship difficulties, unemployment or other unexpected life challenges. 

Whatever the reason, our foodbank clients will receive a warm hospitable welcome with free refreshments, a chance to sit and chat as well as the basic supply of non-perishable food to take away.  In addition, we usually have trays of speciality items to pick and choose from and most weeks there is a supply of bread, pastries and other fresh food donated on the day.  There is always an opportunity to talk with someone about the underlying challenges being faced.  We can signpost people to a range of support agencies, and we usually have onsite advisors present. 

If you think you, yourself need the help of the foodbank then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Indeed, if you know of someone who might need help then please assist them to make contact with us. 

HOW TO GET HELP: You’ll need to get a foodbank voucher so please contact us and we can advise you about that. Our phone number is 07756 238063 or email us on 

OR you can directly contact another support agency (e.g. your social worker, health visitor, school family liaison officer or Citizens Advice).  They can all issue foodbank vouchers to you and will inform us, so we know to expect you.  We work closely with Citizens Advice who can be contacted on 0808 278 7962 (option 4) Mon to Thurs 9.30am to 4pm.  You can also drop in to see them at the Eden Centre Monday to Thursday 10am to 3pm. 

Once you have a voucher, then come along on Tuesday morning between 9.30am and 11.30am at Rickards Hall, 72a High Street TN8 5AR.  (We are behind the museum and next to the Town Council). 

We are so grateful for all the support we receive from individuals and organisations in the local community.  It is wonderful to see so much food being donated regularly.  This means we can continue to help households in need who come to us.  Thank you so much. 

– Dave White, Edenbridge Foodbank Project Manager